What if you became immortal?
Would you look for alien life?
Would you look for God?
What if you didn't find anything?

%s, computer love_

Flick was born in 2043 but hasn't died in millions of years. Its immortal, genderless body is the ultimate gadget. 


And that's just one of the amazing products from Parent Company ;), Inc. that can be yours today. Feeling lonely? Download our award-winning <3 Algorithm! Or choose between 6 different space companions, now with new enhanced life spans! Wanna catch up on some old times? Get the brand new Samsara Pod Plus, play your favorite memories on a loop!


Flick has not found a single living thing in centuries. Still, the universe is said to have no end, so Flick carries a bowtie sticker on its neck, just in case. 


%s, computer love is a narrative-focused adventure game. You play as Flick, a posthuman that explores the universe in hopes of making a friend in a world that has commoditized love and forgotten all about it.

Who's behind the game?



Onward is the name of our indie studio. We produce 

video games & gamified apps for brands.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 8.59.15 PM.png

Dancing w/ Introverts

Dancing with Introverts is the little think tank

within Onward that comes up with our creative ideas.

We are located in Guadalajara, México.

%s, computer love is our first game.

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